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Something’s Different About This CUP

We are committed to donating 11.2% of our e-commerce proceeds to address issues that impact the growing number of communities in Brooklyn and beyond that we exist within.

Empower 11.2 is our mission to take the global reach of our e-commerce presence and commit to donating 11.2% of our e-commerce proceeds at to address issues that impact the growing number of communities we exist within — Brooklyn and beyond.

Why 11.2% - Coffee Uplifts People is derived from our parent company Brew 112 (One-One-Two), a Brooklyn based brew specialty brand Co-Founded by globally syndicated and Hall of Fame radio personality, Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club, Tony Forte, LaRon Batchelor, and a strategic partnership with specialty coffee heritage brand, Brooklyn Roasting Company.

“Spread love the Brooklyn Way”  - "112" is the beginning zip-code for every business and resident of the globally recognized borough of Brooklyn, NY. Aside from some of your favorite icons being from Brooklyn (Spike Lee, Eddie Murphy, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Anne Hathaway, Jerry Seinfeld, Marisa Tomei, Barbara Streisand, Mos Def, Daymond John, Notorious BIG, Notorious RBG and Angela Yee to name a few), Brooklyn is well respected for our its diversity and camaraderie.

We represent a significant point in the coffee industries evolution and transparency of both its history and origins. With a name like Coffee Uplifts People (CUP), we obviously speak more to coffee’s promise than its legacy.  Transparently, coffee’s stained history is riddled with everything but Upliftment, Diversity or Inclusion— 3 cornerstone pillars of our brand culture.

CUP has an ambitious vision to fulfill the promise of coffee within its every touch point from producers, importers, roasters, Q Graders, baristas, consumers and the communities we exist within.

We set on a conscious journey of quality coffee that is sourced and served sustainably, respect for all people and unparalleled storytelling, this is how Coffee Uplifts People!